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Blue Lobster Vodka Soda Lemon Lime

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Blue Lobster Lemon Lime Vodka and Soda is made with the cleanest gold medal winning vodka, the clearest water and 100% natural flavours. It is sugar free, gluten free, carb free – pure refreshment in a can sent to you straight from the East Coast. The Blue Lobster name comes from the fact that blue lobsters are one in a million, and so are we. Rare, high quality, and extremely unique. Grab a Blue Lobster Vodka Soda and embrace the East Coast Spirit.

Blue Lobster Vodka Soda is an incredibly crisp, clean and refreshing alternative to your traditional ready to drink cocktail.

The Lemon and Lime citrus combination is simple, refreshing and flavourful even though the product is; Sweetener Free, Gluten Free, Carb Free and All Natural.

It is crafted with San Francisco World Spirits Competition gold medal winning Blue Lobster vodka, pure Nova Scotian water and 100% all natural citrus flavours. Blue Lobster Vodka Soda is pure, natural, guilt free refreshment in every can!


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