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Blue Lobster Vodka



In a sea of large spirit producers, this small batch vodka stands out, similar to the rare blue lobsters found off our coastlines.

Blue Lobster Vodka’s 100% grain base lends itself to a slightly sweet, very clean, incredibly neutral flavour profile.  Our vodka’s premium quality comes from sourcing quality ingredients, while creating small batches with great care in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

2 reviews for Blue Lobster Vodka

  1. Gunner Ramdehalchand

    Good day I live in Newmarket. Ontario how would i go about getting your vodka

    • Nova Scotia Spirit co.

      Hi Gunner! You can place an order for Blue Lobster Vodka using our online store! We ship Canada-wide.

  2. Tim Lutes

    I live in New Brunswick but I have enjoyed Blue Lobster for years by way of friends and family from Nova Scotia. I wish it was available in NB stores but that will never stop me from having a supply of the only Vodka I drink when I home. I have traveled to many parts of the world where I make a point of sampling the local (and imported) Vodkas of each place I visit. I have only found one (in Arizona) that comes even close to the quality of your product. Your Vodka is rich with flavor yet smooth to drink straight or with just a squeeze of lime, to my mind this is the only way to consume. Your Vodka is truly world class.

    My last delivery this year (for winter consumption) from my cousin was 5 x 1140 ml. I did note one issue though…the bottles are all from batch 666, I hope this isn’t the devil’s brew. LOL. Oh, and I wanted to add that I have tasted your gin and rum, both also world class! Thank you for your Vodka and don’t change a thing please. There nothing like it anywhere and it’s perfect!

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